LIGHT AND SHADOW – The Photographs of Kathryn Abbe

“Celebrations of the simplest events in life,” is how photographer Kathryn Abbe describes the wealth of images she has captured in a career spanning over seventy years. Born in Brooklyn in 1919, Kathryn grew up in Wallingford, Connecticut...more

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The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival is ending soon

The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival is ending this coming Sunday. I have not been there yet since it’s been busy this week for me, and I am planning to go on Sunday which is supposed to be a sunny day after snow. I am afraid it will be very pack...more

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The way to insert <li> tags easily and automatically

Sometimes you get a document which has a very long list. You have to mark them up with <li> tags. Here is the way to insert li tags easily with the macro function of an editor. Download jEdit I tested some free mac editors appli, and found out ...more

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Import Goods Shop “Viola” in Omotesando

“Viola” in Omotesando has a variety of imported accessories, angel goods, cats items and so on. The shop is decorated with many lovely goods the owner and the shop staff bought in Europe mainly England and France. You can find something ...more

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Cozy hair salon “Garland” in Jingumae

Let me introduce a lovely cozy hair salon which opened last month in my neighborhood. It’s called “Garland” and is based in a beautiful, renovated white house. Open the door and a framed cute garland will welcome you. I heard they...more

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Private hair salon “LIVING”

A friend of my best friend opened up a private hair salon in Ebisu a while ago, and I visited the salon the other day. LIVING HAIR SALON # 102 4-10-5 Ebisu Tokyo 150-0001 TEL :03-5422-7989 It’s a very cozy hair salon like a retro style cafe. T...more

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In The Mood For Hawaii

My ex-coworker Yusuke Hanai and Niikura Takao are having an exhibition titled “In the Mood For Hawaii” at THE BEACH GALLERY. I missed the reception party for my work but went there on Sunday evening. Takao Niikura x Yusuke Hanai “...more

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NINE SENSE renewal campaign

The NINE SENSE website was renewed this month! I changed it from a flash based website to this HTML5, css3 and JQuery based. It is still in the experimental stage and, visually speaking, it looks nothing too new but I am think...more

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